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Quadent Studio, Inc. is a dental lab known across the Twin Cities as being “Crown and Bridge Specialists”.  In addition, Quadent Studio promotes the New Technology of Milling & Scanning.  Today, a lot of Dentists want personal one-to-one communication with the actual technician doing their work.

We invite the Dentists to view their case before it’s finished, we want to be on the same page with them and an open line of communication exists at all times.

By working with them more closely, it limits remakes.  For example if an impression comes in that we have a question about, we’ll review it and send it back to the Dentist to further discuss the case and make the corrections necessary to go into production.

Experienced Technicians

Our dental technicians have an average of over 3 years of experience in the field.  They do the following:

  • Waxer/Finishers

  • Ceramist/Porcelain Techs

  • Digital Designing

  • Dental Implants

  • 3D Printing

Our Techs multi-task and are crossed-trained between departments ensuring your total satisfaction  We fully understand that each Dentist has exacting needs and requirements.  We listen to our Dentists and perform quality work.


"Open Line of Communication between Dentist & Technician"

Quadent Studio Welcomes You!

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